10 years of blankets for Kids are celebrated with 10,000 blankets.

RENSSELAER COUNTY, NY Local Capital Region Chapter of Quilts for Kids Recognizes Monumental Achievement in Rensselaer County.

Fonda-Futonville School District reaches agreement with Mohawk Nation to retain Braves name.

Over the past ten years, volunteers with Quilts for Kids have sewed thousands of comfort quilts for those in need, proving that beautiful things are made one thread at a time.

Fonda-Futonville School District reaches agreement with Mohawk Nation to retain Braves name

President and chief seamstress Karen Casey said Sunday was a memorable day for her.

“We hit the 10,000 mark in March. My deadline was April 3,” said Casey.

10,000 quilts require a lot of material. In fact, it takes 30,000 meters to do it. Karen Plekan has been volunteering for almost five years.

A wonderful method to reassure the children that you are creating a quilt that will support them through difficult times. You know, with surgery or whatever they’re going through, or being homeless. It’s a nice feeling “said Plekan.

Casey says the crisis can strike at any time and some people will now also be comforted by local law enforcement as part of a new partnership.

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“We wanted to acknowledge the work the police department is doing in our community.” I thought if they needed something in their car to get into an accident and there was a kid or someone in there who just needed that extra bit of comfort, we would now provide quilts for cars too,” Casey said. .

Casey confirms that the first set of quilts will be distributed on Monday.

Rensselaer Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan Carr told NEWS10 it’s a great way for deputies to comfort people they meet on a call.

It can reassure them that someone is looking out for them and that we are all in this together, according to Carr.

There is no doubt that the legacy created by ten years of labor and the quilts made for children in the Capital Region will last for decades. The niece of Casey is prepared to join the sewing group.

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Future quilter Olivia Deer said, “It’s important and nice to have this to share with my grandma.”

If you would like to help quilters share comfort, please click HERE for more.

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