A sniper rifle falls from the roof during the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Buffalo

The security plan for the parade was thorough, but the department is investigating to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The incident happened at 560 Delaware Avenue, corner of Allen Street. Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said the security plan for the parade was thorough, but the department is investigating to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

“It’s something that doesn’t happen. I don’t remember hearing anything like that happen,” Commissioner Gramaglia said.

Photos of the incident show an officer peering over the edge of the building at a gun on the ground, which narrowly missed parade spectators and a hot dog stand.

To ensure that something similar doesn’t occur again, we need to look at other policies and procedures if protocol was followed and it still occurred. Added Commissioner Gramaglia. I’m sure I can state that this was our best and most thorough event planning effort to date.. It’s something that happened. It’s not a lack of planning. We must consider the procedures.

There were no casualties associated with the event, according to reports.. According to the police, the weapon would not have fired when it fell to the ground. Legal analyst Barry Covert says a civil suit is unlikely in the case because there were no injuries.

Despite the fact that procedures were followed, it was negligence that he was placed in this house on a windy day that caused the gust of wind to knock him off the edge of the structure, claimed Covert.

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The rifle fell while a Buffalo SWAT officer was conducting routine surveillance atop a building on Delaware Avenue, Police Commissioner Gramaglia said.

“I saw a picture, but I don’t know who was there. Like I said, we have someone up there with the weapons officer watching,” Commissioner Gramaglia told.

Police left gun unattended, resulting in wind-blown tripod, bag, and gun being blown off building.

A witness who was across the street at the time of the incident said it all happened before the parade reached Delaware and Allen. They assert that when police left the gun unattended, the tripod, weighted bag, and gun were all blown off the building by a gust of wind.

When the rifle dropped from the roof onto the street below, it was mounted on a tripod with a weighted bag.. Buffalo police say they consider wind to be a factor and an internal investigation is underway.

The rifle was recovered by Buffalo police officers.

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