Prince Harry’s favorite movie, more revealed on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’


If you didn’t learn enough about Prince Harry in his 416-page memoir “Spare,” late-night host Stephen Colbert has a treat for you. 

The Duke of Sussex opened up to Colbert about his wishes for the afterlife, his favorite sandwich (a “cheese and ham toasty with Dijon mustard on top”), his fear of snakes and much more during a pre-taped appearance which aired Tuesday on “The Late Show.”

The nearly 10-minute “Colbert Questionert” Q&A session, which prompted plenty of laughter and applause, aired weeks after his appearance for an extended discussion with Colbert about his book, “Spare,” which sold 3.2 million copies during its first week on shelves. 

Bombshells from Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’: Physical attacks, drug use, Diana’s death and more

Prince Harry believes ‘we become animals’ when we die, is a dog lover

Colbert’s questions for the duke ranged from favorite action movie (“Gladiator”) and his favorite smell (his wife, Duchess Meghan) to the most used app on his phone (BetterUp) and whether he prefers cats or dogs (dogs, “obviously”). 

When asked what he thinks happens when we die, Prince Harry told Colbert “I think we become animals.” 

Confirming that Prince Harry meant reincarnation, Colbert asked if there is a specific animal that he’d like to come back as. “Probably an elephant,” Harry said.

The Q&A ended on a forward-looking note, with Colbert asking Harry to describe the rest of his life in five words. 

“Freedom. Happiness. Clarity. Space. Love,” he said. 

‘Spare’ memoir is filled with personal details

Colbert originally sat down with the royal in early January to discuss Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare.”

The tell-all memoir made droves of headlines – and there is plenty to learn from the book, which delivers tons of drama and insider knowledge of the inner workings of the royal family, but also a thoughtful, nuanced recollection of the biggest stories the public thought it knew about Harry. 

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