Russian nuclear bomb at the door of NATO, nuclear weapon will be stationed in Belarus. Russia Govt deploys Nuclear Weapon at NATO member countries border nuclear weapon will be deployed in Belarus

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Russian nuclear bomb on NATO’s doorstep

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made known his intentions to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, a neighbour. This declaration is interpreted as a warning to Western nations who are escalating their military collaboration in Ukraine. Tactical nuclear weapons, in contrast to more potent, longer-range strategic nuclear weapons, are designed for use on the battleground. Putin claimed that the strategy was intended as retaliation for Britain’s intentions to give Ukraine “depleted uranium” ammo. Putin had previously asserted that these weapons contained a nuclear component.

Deployment of nuclear bombs in Belarus

Despite later softening his tone, the Russian leader stated that the weapons pose an additional danger to Ukrainian military forces and citizens in an interview that was aired on a state television channel on Saturday night. Putin claimed that Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has been requesting these weaponry for a long time because his country is encircled by NATO members. He stated that by July 1st, Belarus would have built the necessary structures for the storage of these armaments. Russia has sent soldiers to Ukraine through Belarusian territory. Despite the Kiev invasion, Moscow and Minsk have kept strong military relations.

10 civilians killed in Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. During this, about 10 people have died in the Russian attack. At the same time, about 20 people have been injured in this attack. A Russian official warned that the Russian military is preparing for possible retaliatory strikes against Ukraine in the coming weeks. Five people were killed after a Russian missile hit an aid center in Kostiantynivka in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk province. Ukrainian authorities last year set up a number of centers where people can take shelter, charge their mobile phones and receive food.

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