Yosemite National Park closed due to snow. When will it open?


Yosemite National Park has been closed indefinitely due to heavy snowfall. Some areas of the park have gotten as much as 15 feet of snow.

The park was closed on Saturday and as of Wednesday, there was no estimated date for reopening.

In a posted announcement, park officials said “Park crews are working to restore critical services so visitors can safely return.”

A major winter storm hit the park on Saturday, bringing with it heavy snow that blocked roadways. Travel on all park roads was restricted to administrative traffic only. 

Park officials had originally hoped to reopen on Thursday. However more snow fell on Wednesday, prompting officials to say the park was now closed indefinitely. 

Yosemite is the sixth most-visited national park. In 2022, 3.67 million people visited.

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When will Yosemite National Park reopen?

The National Parks Service has not set a reopening date to allow visitors back into the park.

In a Facebook post on Monday, park officials said “The public is asked to check the park’s website and social media channels for the latest conditions.”

How much snow did Yosemite get?

Since Saturday, some areas of the park have accumulated up to 15 feet of snow.

On Monday the park posted that forecasts called for 55 to 84 inches of new snow accumulation in Yosemite Valley, at 4,000 feet, through Wednesday.

“We’ll do our best,” the post said. 

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